Forbes-Rabel-McGivney Rambouillets

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For Sale

Range Rams

We have around 25-30 head of yearling range rams for sale each fall, which can be purchased private treaty or at a number of Ram Sales.
Call Jim Forbes for More Info and Prices

Stud Rams

We sell a number of Yearling Stud rams each year, most of our stud rams were put  on a performance ram test.

Call Jim Forbes 307-738-2254 or Matt Rabel for availability and Price.

We have ewe lambs for sale each Fall  (mid- sept) when they come off the mountain pasture.
Make sure to book yours early as they go fast.

We also will be offering some aged ewes this year.
Please call Jim Forbes for info. 307-738-2254

Rambouillet ewes and ewe lambs on mountain pasture.

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